Book Review: Get Off Your “But” – by Sean Stephenson


How many times have you heard someone say, “I’d love to learn an instrument, but I really don’t have the time,” or “I’d love to try acting, but I’m way too shy.” I’ll bet you’ve made some other statement including that big B word yourself!  Heck, do you have any idea about how many buts I had about starting this blog? I couldn’t begin to count them all. Then one day I found this book and decided it was about time to get up off my but and start this talent blog I’d been dreaming about.

Sean Stephenson’s book is not directed specifically toward talent, it is directed toward everyone! So even if you don’t consider yourself talented, I guarantee you will gain something from reading this book.  However, since this is a talent blog, I must say that if you are a person who finds yourself and your talent held back by that small, still voice inside you saying ugly things and creating doubt, then you should definitely take the time to read through this book.

Sean’s writing style is conversational, making this a quick and enjoyable read. The book begins with a detailed story about Sean’s difficult life. If you don’t find inspiration in hearing about the hardship of others and how they overcame them, you might want to skip this part. However, if you do take the time to read through this, you will find yourself wondering why you EVER feel sorry for yourself!

Sean includes simple exercises in this book to help you get motivated, and to help you garner insight into how you develop certain beliefs about yourself and how you might go about changing those beliefs for the better.  It’s worth it to do the exercises, and, as I said, the book reads quickly and easily.

I don’t want to give away Sean’s secrets, or too much about the book, but I do think it is worth a read if you are looking for motivation. So, run to your nearest bookstore or fire up your e-reader and download this little gem–you know you need to get off your but to do that!


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