Interview With A Showbiz Mom: Lisa Shires

Lisa Shires with her three showbiz boys!

Lisa Shires with her three showbiz boys!

Today’s blog post is a glimpse into the life of a showbiz mom. Lisa Shires currently resides in Los Angeles and has three boys, all three of which have been in show business. Her children have been involved in projects like CSI:NY, Desperate Housewives, Ted, Criminal Minds and many others. As you can imagine, her time is very busy, so I am glad that she took the time to talk with me and answer a few questions about what her life is like. Enjoy!

TTN: How many children do you have Lisa, and how many have been involved in show business?

LISA: I am a mother of three boys who have all been involved in show business throughout their childhood.

TTN: So you must have some experience!  What are some of the projects they have been involved in?

LISA: The boys have all done their share of all aspects of the industry.  The older two had the most luck with commercials and print work, while the youngest has had the most success on television.  The first commercial that the oldest and youngest booked was one together for Mississippi Power and Light. They played siblings and were flown to New Orleans to shoot. The middle child worked for a month on The Santa Clause 3 as an elf, only to end up mostly on the cutting room floor!

TTN: You live in LA now, but where are you from originally and what prompted you to move to LA?

LISA: We are originally from the Dallas/Fort Worth area in Texas. We were prompted by a manager that had given an acting workshop to come try the LA market.  We had just gotten started in the industry and the kids were loving it, so we took a family vacation to LA and participated in an acting boot camp.  Needless to say, an agent was secured and jobs were booked and we never left.

TTN:  How do you handle school for your children?

LISA: We come from an area of Texas that has implemented a zero tolerance policy in their public schools so upon our arrival in LA I allowed the boys to do a day of what they call shadowing. They were allowed in to attend the local school for the day. They found the schools here a bit overwhelming so they opted for a home study program. We have found that this is the best fit for them and the most flexible for their scheduling. Being able to work at their own pace has allowed two of the three to graduate early and all of them to do concurrent enrollment in the local community college so that they were receiving college credits along with their high school education.

TTN: What has been the most challenging aspect of having kids in the business?

LISA:  I tell anyone who is looking into this business that flexibility is the key.  You must have a flexible schedule and understand that any schedule can change on a moment’s notice. You have to adapt to that concept or this business can drive you crazy.  You can think you have your day planned and scheduled but at a moment’s notice you will find yourself scrambling to shift things around to accommodate.

TTN:  It must have been difficult having three kids in the business, what was that like for you?

LISA:  During the busy season there were times when we were hitting six to eight auditions a day, and having meals and school, all in the car!

TTN: What advice would you have for parents who are interested in getting their child into the business?

LISA:  Like any business you have to watch out for scams, unfortunately, but there is a lot of information out there to help you avoid them. The biggest thing I think though, is that your child truly has to have a passion for it in order to be successful and the team you have working for them has to be passionate about your child in order to keep them from being lost in the shuffle of hundreds of children. Successful actors will vary in looks and even in skill level but the passion will be there. No one is irreplaceable as there is always new talent trying their hand at it and the industry demands are always changing. The type of look or character that is popular today can change tomorrow so the road is always filled with ups and downs and curves but perseverance will usually prevail!

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