Practice Makes Perfect

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We’ve all heard it said that practice makes perfect, but does it? Does it really? When I was teaching I began to realize what a faulty theory that was, and I made certain it was something I never said to my students. What I did say is “practice makes better,” and I said it often.

Maybe I’m nit-picking here, but what we tell ourselves (our children, or our students) is important and molding, and honestly, is perfection something any of us really should be aiming for?  Rather, I suggest a regular evaluation and betterment of our talent and skills, something that is actually attainable. It seems to me that concept would be much more accurate, and doable.

Is a perfect performance possible? I suppose it is, but how often in one’s lifetime is that going to occur? My guess is the perfect performance (however that is determined) is incredibly rare.  So the next time you work on your talent and skills, look for what you can improve upon, rather than perfection…keep the bar inches away, not miles, and feel good about what you are doing in the process.


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