Brittany Beery: Guest Starring on “Happily Divorced”

Brittany Beery on the set of "Happily Divorced" with Fran Drescher!

Brittany Beery on the set of “Happily Divorced” with Fran Drescher!

Meet Brittany Beery. She’s a bubbly 17 year old year old actor who lives in Los Angeles. Brittany is originally from Ohio, and moved to Los Angeles in 2011 after spending two years of going back and forth to pursue her acting career. Brittany recently booked a guest starring role on Fran Drescher’s Happily Divorced and I got the chance to sit down with her and ask her what that experience was like. Here’s what she had to say:

TTN: What was it like, guest starring on Happily Divorced?

BRITTANY: It was so much fun! Being on set is a completely new experience every time because every set is very different and you get to meet new people with new stories. Everyone on the show has been in the business for a long time. I got the chance to meet Rita Moreno, which was great! Fran Drescher was incredibly nice and I was really impressed by how involved she was in all stages of production as she stars in and produces the show.

TTN:  What is the best thing about being on set?

BRITTANY: Filming is the best part of being on set, then the second best thing is learning from everyone else and their experiences, it was great.

TTN:  How did you find out about the audition for Happily Divorced?

BRITTANY: I got a call from my manager. I was actually out of town at the time of the audition because it was during the holidays, but they were accepting auditions on tape. I went into our basement with my mom and we put it on tape and she sent it to casting.

TTN:  How long did it take to hear back after the audition?

BRITTANY:  Usually it doesn’t take that long to hear back, but this time it took a couple of weeks because it was during the holidays. I found out about January 4th or so, and I did the audition right before Christmas.

TTN:  How long did it take to film the show?

BRITTANY:  I was on set for four days. We had only two days of filming so most of that time was spent on run throughs and staging. I filmed several hours on Thursday night and then we filmed Friday in front of a live audience. The whole process took a lot of time, but the actual filming was really only a couple of hours.

TTN:  What was it like filming in front of the live audience?

BRITTANY:  Oh, SO much fun! Usually when you are on set you don’t have the audience so you have to pull your own energy from within yourself. The  live audience feeds you so much energy and you get authentic laughs from the jokes so it’s a lot more fun and exciting because you don’t know exactly how the audience is going to react. You always have to be on your game.

TTN:  What sort of role did you play on the show?

BRITTANY:  The role was fun because it started out differently from the way the character ended up. At the first table read they wanted my character to be a girl who was a bit promiscuous and even a bit of a bad girl, but as time went on they kept making her nicer and nicer. She gets involved with another character on the show and it’s a big crazy deal because everyone is against them being together. The fact that they changed her over time provided more of a character arc for me.

TTN:  What are your long term goals as an actor?

BRITTANY:  Wow, that’s hard. There are so many different ways your career can go in this industry. I am open to a lot of different things, but I would love to be on a good long running dramatic series. I’m also interested in film and even the production side of things.

TTN: Since you are 17, what are you doing about school at this point?

BRITTANY:  I’m currently in my senior year and taking all online classes. I am planning to go to college next year and do my best to manage both school and auditions. I think I can do it! (smiles)

TTN:  What advice do you have for people who are thinking about a career in acting?

BRITTANY:  You have to come in with realistic expectations. You can’t expect to jump out here and start working. It’s going to be a lot of work and rejection but if it’s what you really want to do you have to hold on to the good moments. Keep growing and learning and eventually if it’s meant to happen you’ll get there!

Brittany Beery

Brittany Beery


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