Peaceful Warrior

Lionsgate, Universal Pictures

Lionsgate, Universal Pictures

Here’s an inspirational film you might have missed;  Peaceful Warrior (2006) directed by Victor Salva and starring Scott Mechlowicz, Nick Nolte and Amy Smart. The film is based on the book, Way of the Peaceful Warrior, by Dan Millman.  Peaceful Warrior begins as a movie inspired by the real events in the life of a gymnast. I say “begins” because although it is inspired by real events, it quickly takes a turn toward the more esoteric aspects of inspiration and motivation.

The main character in Peaceful Warrior, Dan Millman, is a rather egotistical but extremely goal oriented gymnast at UC Berkeley. He experiences a devastating accident, and, of course, the subsequent soul-searching about its effect on his career as a gymnast. He then meets a very unlikely mentor, at a most unexpected place, who teaches him about his approach to his goals and about life in general. The result of this encounter borders on the mystical, so if that sort of thing speaks to you, then I think you will enjoy this film.

If you are looking for a nuts and bolts self-help movie this is NOT it.  In fact, I came upon some reviews that skewered the movie for being exactly what it is meant to be. So, what can you expect from Peaceful Warrior? You get a feel good inspirational tale about coming back from despair, redefining your life and your approach to your goals. I am tempted to insert my favorite quote from the movie here, however, I feel it will give away the very thing I hope that you take away from watching it! Suffice it to say that most of us get way too caught up in the end product of whatever we are doing. Okay, enough said about that.

Check out Peaceful Warrior when you are looking for something inspirational to watch, even if you find yourself an artist, not a gymnast.  I quickly found it on Netflix, so you shouldn’t have trouble locating it. If you have even more time you might want to delve into the book “The Way Of The Peaceful Warrior” I am going to add it to my list of things to read.

Have you seen Peaceful Warrior? What did you think?

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