The “Ahh” Moment

© Mark Fairey |

© Mark Fairey |

If you’ve gotten this far in reading a blog about talent, chances are that you have experienced some sort of “ahh” moment. What exactly do I mean by this? Oh, you know, that moment when you were so touched by a work of art or a performance that you knew you had encountered something very special. It moved you in some way that you hadn’t been moved before. You were awakened somehow and you felt as if you had discovered some sort of secret. See, you DO know what I’m talking about!

I think that most of us remember this moment, for some of us it comes earlier than for others, and some of us have many of these moments during our lifetime. My first “ahh” moment came when I was just three years old. I remember walking down a road holding the hand of my mother who was taking me to the city parade. I really don’t think I had any idea what a parade was, but I  do remember standing there for a long time and watching interesting things go by. I was amused, and it was all great fun, but then my “ahh” moment happened.

After watching cars and clowns and various marchers go by, I remember hearing the most amazing thing. Coming closer to us was a marching band, and it was to my young ears, a glorious thing in every way. I remember feeling the vibrations of the music under my feet as it thundered toward me, and the beat of the drum reverberating throughout my small body. Knowing what I know now it probably wasn’t even a very good marching band, but that didn’t matter. As the band drew nearer I knew I was experiencing something that was transporting me in some way. It was powerful, and not just in volume. The colors of the sounds surrounded and enveloped me in a way nothing else had ever done. How could so many people make such a magnificent combination of sounds and rhythms and it all make such sense and travel from them to me, even through me?!

Thus began my intrigue and romance with the world of music. I still remember the awe of that moment, my first aesthetic experience, and I always will.  From that point on, musicians were, to me, the creators of magic, and were unparalleled by movie stars or celebrity types. That moment was the very beginning of a long journey that led me to where I am today. I am very fortunate to say that since this time I have had other “ahh” moments with music and within the other arts as well, sometimes as a spectator and other times as a participant.

Take a moment to share one of your “ahh” moments in the comment section below. That moment that an artistic creation made a very real impact in your life. What was it like? Did it change you?


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  1. Hey Davonne, that’s a touching story, love it. I thought u were going to say you saw a baton twirler :)
    Church choir was my first opportunity to be involved in music at age 4 and it was the highlight of my life. Later, I remember a field trip in elementary school to hear the Florida Orchestra, I had never seen anything like that and didn’t want it to end. That started a lifelong love of classical music in my heart.
    Thanks for bringing back such sweet memories.

    • That’s wonderful to hear Holly! The school system and the orchestra works together to fund those field trips. I am sure they would LOVE to know that it made such a difference in your life, that’s the very reason the program exists, so it works! We never know what will touch a child’s heart, so great that opportunity was given to you and that you have followed it along the way.

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