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© Dmytro Konstantynov |

© Dmytro Konstantynov |

I often hear people ask: “how do I get started in acting?”  For some reason, the acting world and culture seems incomprehensible to people who are on the outside of it.  We watch actors on television and in films and we have a difficult time understanding how they got there. Their entire world appears elusive. So, how do you get started in acting? Well, take a good look around you right now.

The simple answer is to start where you are. What does that mean? It means to find all the acting opportunities you can in your community, at your school, church, synagogue, etc. It also means that you should be seeking out community theater projects, and acting lessons and/or clinics on a regular basis.

Get all the local experience that you can along the way. Learn as much as you can, and find out if this is something you enjoy and can grow from.  Contact your local recreation department and ask about opportunities. Another source would be your local performing arts hall. Many of these venues offer classes and clinics for students of acting.

If you are in school, contact your drama instructor. If you can’t fit drama classes into your schedule, the instructor should be able to inform you of opportunities outside of school to help you get involved in acting. You should be able to find plenty of opportunities to perform on stage, in many various settings to get a feel for what it is like to be an actor.

If you have done all of this and you are still asking how to get started in acting, then you might be asking a different question. When and how to find representation and get started professionally is another topic to be covered soon!


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