Jaclyn Hicks: Songwriter/Composer

Photo by: Conor Keller

Photo by: Conor Keller

Jaclyn Hicks is a self-described musician, singer/songwriter and composer. She fronts the group Ironwood, and just released her debut solo EP of her own piano compositions.  Her website describes it best; “After years of writing solo piano pieces inspired by cinematic images in her mind and her love of motion pictures, Jaclyn has released her debut EP.” Join me as we discuss her music with her!
TTN:  Jaclyn, how do you describe yourself as an artist?
JACLYN:  I don’t try to put a label or assign an expectation on what I am creating at the moment. There isn’t a genre of music I won’t touch. If something I am writing sounds like a country song, I might finish it as a country song. It might not fit on the current project I am focused on but I am open to reworking it or saving it in my song bank for a rainy day. Sometimes a song just comes out the way it comes out and you just have to ride its wave. I think this flexibility and openness comes from the fact that I enjoy and listen to a variety of artists and genres.
TTN:  Who has been your biggest influence artistically?
JACLYN:  It’s difficult for me to answer this question because I don’t think I am ever fully aware of what artists are influencing me at the current moment. I can usually look back on past works and see that whatever I was listening to at the time had an impact on what I was creating. For example, a few Christmases ago I was hooked on Elvis’s Christmas album. I listened to it everyday during the holidays. Then a few months later I was asked to write a Christmas song and I ended up writing a rockabilly Christmas song. It’s clear to me now that Mr. Presley was influencing me. What are my biggest influences now? I guess I will find that out next year!
Photo by: Conor Keller

Photo by: Conor Keller

TTN:  What are you currently involved in, projects, bands, etc.?
JACLYN:  I am working on a follow-up album for my band Ironwood. I play piano in various bands for shows and recording sessions. I am also working on several different projects with other musician friends because I love writing music with other people. I’m also composing instrumental piano pieces for a cartoon series.
Photo by: Tina Teplica

Photo by: Tina Teplica

TTN:  What are you most grateful for?
JACLYN:  I am grateful for being alive and being able to create!
TTN:  If your current self could go back five years and give yourself advice, what would it be?
I’d tell myself to write as much as you can. Write, write, write. Don’t be afraid to write something you don’t like or complete a song that looks like it’s gonna be a dud. Learn to record yourself as best as possible.
TTN:  How did you get started as a musician?
JACLYN:  When I was 10 years old, I started playing a very old, out of tune piano that was in the house. I didn’t know anything about playing at the time but I would still make these little baby songs and I would sometimes just play the black keys. I also memorized some classical pieces my mom showed me how to play. Eventually at 11 I started taking piano lessons.
TTN:  What is your primary instrument?
JACLYN:  Piano.
TTN:  As an artist, where do you hope to be ten years from now?
JACLYN:  I hope I can look back proudly on a large body of work that I’ve created. I hope that what I do for a living will be centered around my creativity and artistry.


Check out Jaclyn’s NEW album here! www.jaclynhicks.bandcamp.com

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