Five Tips To Help You Deal With Stage Fright, by Caroline Meisner

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Nervousness is a natural feeling that we share as humans, a feeling brought out by the anticipation of stepping into the bright lights. We all get those butterflies in the pit of our stomachs before we perform. A wise coach once told me that the minute you stop feeling those butterflies fluttering is the moment when you lose your passion for the art of the performance. That doesn’t mean you should let your nervousness control your performance and the experience that comes with it. As a matter of fact, there are some strategies with which you can build your net to capture those butterflies.

1. KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING. Confidence is key to success. When you know your performance like the back of your hand, you will be better prepared to perform to the best of your abilities. Be prepared!

2. DON’T BE AFRAID THAT YOU WILL MAKE MISTAKES. You probably will make mistakes; it’s human nature. If you make a mistake, it means you were going full-out and trying your best, and it also gives you something to work on for the future that will make you a better performer.

3. KNOW HOW TO IMPROVISE. When you know how to improvise, you have the greatest emergency tool of all. Improvisation skills help to prepare you in case something should go wrong.

4. KNOW THAT THE AUDIENCE WANTS YOU TO SUCCEED. Understand that the audience is there for you, and they want to see a good performance. They don’t want you to be nervous. They didn’t come to the performance to intimidate you. They came to get wrapped up in the presentation you are giving them.

5.  LOOSEN UP AND GO FOR A STROLL. When you are backstage and you feel yourself tensing up before a show, walk around. Walking around and relaxing will help to relieve some of your anxiety.

Written by: Caroline Meisner, writer for The Talent Notes

Caroline Meisner


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