Four Things You Can Do For A Better Performance



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There is a popular slogan that states, “Keep Calm and Carry On.” As artists and performers, we can easily use this motto to our advantage. When you become tense with anxiety and apprehension before a performance, remember to keep calm and carry on! The art of keeping calm, and staying in the moment, lies in both the technique and the approach. Here are four helpful hints and techniques to utilize that may help you on your way to your very best performance.

  1. 1. BREATHE AND MEDITATE. If you find yourself waiting in the dressing room, go ahead and take a seat, close your eyes, and think good, calming thoughts. Clear your mind and attend to your breathing, so you can focus better.
  2. 2. AVOID CAFFEINE. Caffeine makes you jumpy, and doesn’t contribute to your ultimate goal of relaxation and confidence.
  3. 3. LOWER YOUR SHOULDERS AND EYEBROWS. The next time you tense up, look into a mirror. Your shoulders and eyebrows tend to rise when you feel tense.
  4. 4. GET A GOOD NIGHT’S REST. Make sure you get plenty of sleep before your performance. Sleep is your most useful net when catching butterflies in your stomach. In addition, sleep nourishes your brain, allowing it to function at its peak.

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Written by Caroline Meisner, for The Talent Notes

Caroline Meisner


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