What Do I Wear To My Audition? by Caroline Meisner

© Jonathan Ross | Dreamstime.com

© Jonathan Ross | Dreamstime.com

You’re excited about your upcoming audition. You’ve rehearsed your audition to perfection,  and you’ve updated your resume and headshot. You are good to go! You open your closet…and you realize you can’t decide what to wear. Here are a few tips to help with your dilemma:

1) Know the type of audition you are attending.  Different types of auditions will require different attire. For example, if you are going to a dance audition, you want to wear nicer, appropriate dance clothes.  Even if you are not attending a dance audition, your audition may require some sort of movement, so be aware of this. Is the audition casual or professional? Keep these things in mind too when choosing an outfit.

2) Dress for comfort, if possible. Don’t wear dress pants that are too tight when you are about to sit down and play your piano piece, and don’t wear high heels when you are about to sing an eight page aria! If you are auditioning for a character that calls for high heels or tight dress shoes, consider taking them with you and changing right before the audition. Uncomfortable clothing and shoes can distract you from your primary purpose, which is showing your talent!

3) Reflect the role of your character. When auditioning for a certain part in a play, commercial, etc, it is helpful to have an essence of the role your auditioning for.  In other words, is the character conservative, flashy, or quirky? These are characteristics that can be shown through clothing choices. For example, a person auditioning for the role of a business woman might wear comfortable slacks and their overall appearance may look tidy and ready for business. Similarly, a person auditioning for the role of a mother in a commercial, might wear nice jeans and a button down shirt. If the character is “dark” or “sinister,” your clothing choice and style should reflect that; if the character is light and happy, then choose a brighter outfit. Keep in mind, however, that it is almost never appropriate to wear a costume. The only time you might consider wearing a costume would be if you were asked to audition as a clown, for example.  If you are attending a vocal audition, you may just want to be dressed appropriately as to the group or situation that you hope to join. Is it a rock band or a formal choir? Obviously these would call for very different choices.

4) Let’s talk colors. When you are acting on camera, one of the first things people notice is the color you are wearing and whatever you choose should complement your skin tone.  It is highly recommended to steer clear of blacks and whites for camera auditions. These colors tend to wash out your face and make you look pale. Bold colors, like blue, are more complimentary towards your skin tone and eyes.  Blue is a good choice, or even just a nice color. Also, in the case of a commercial audition, you want to take note of the logo specific to that commercial and make an attempt to wear the colors for that brand. For example, you would want to incorporate red in your outfit if you are auditioning for a Target commercial.

5) Try not to wear distracting patterns and jewelry. Remember, you want people to pay attention to your performance, not your clothes and accessories. Also, don’t wear noisy jewelry that could take away from your audition, like bangle bracelets.  On a different note, if certain “distracting” jewelry fits the character you are going for, then that would be considered appropriate. Just use good judgement.

6) Steer clear of cologne and perfume. You shouldn’t be standing close enough to the judges or casting directors for them to smell your perfume, and you don’t want to cloud or repel them with too strong a scent. Also, there are numerous people who are very sensitive and even allergic to strong smells, so it is best to pass altogether on the cologne.

7) LESS is MORE when it comes to makeup and hair. Most casting directors want your appearance to look natural, unless the character calls for a very dramatic look. Be sure your hair is well groomed and styled appropriately for your audition situation. Again, use good judgement!

8) ALWAYS wear the same clothes to a callback that you wore to the initial audition (unless specified otherwise.)  If you are fortunate enough to receive a call back, make sure to wear exactly the same clothing to your next audition. To keep track of this, it is recommended that you write down what you wear to each audition, or even take a picture of yourself so you remember what you wore to each and every audition.

9)  Keep it classy! Make sure your outfit reflects your level of professionalism.

Once you have chosen your audition outfit, be sure to approach your audition with a positive outlook and most of all, don’t forget to have fun!

Written by Caroline Meisner for The Talent Notes

Caroline Meisner

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