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At the early age of 16,  Louis Stancil discovered his passion for the arts and began his acting career in the Drama Ministry of his church. Now Louis can be seen on Film, Television and Print. He can now be seen on the big screen in the film THE STREAM which was released October 18th, 2013 in select Regal Cinemas across the nation, and benefits The Boys And Girls Clubs of America.  Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Louis Stancil, grew up in a very unique household where both of his parents were hearing impaired. Although he was raised in a nurturing home, growing up was not easy for Stancil and his brother. Being an interpreter for his parents and for the deaf community, he had to mature rather quickly and become the primary caretaker for his family. Armed with drive, talent, faith, and perseverance Louis Stancil is paving his path to a long and successful career in the entertainment industry:

TTN:  Louis, it sounds like you had a rather unique upbringing. Can you explain what it was like growing up with two parents who were hearing impaired?

LOUIS: My older brother and I accepted it, and it was very normal to us. It had pros and cons, just like any other family. But it was very interesting that I could speak well in two different languages. Knowing sign language is very unique; it’s a language that helps you strive in life.

TTN:  Did that knowledge and experience become useful in your acting?         

LOUIS: Yes, it did, because it forced me to grow up and be a caretaker. I always had to interpret for my mom and dad. So it was very interesting to grow up like that. And at auditions they want kids to still be kids, but at the same time act mature, so they play hand in hand.

TTN:  You recently appeared in the film The Stream. What can you tell us about the film? How did you find out about the film?

LOUIS: I first found out about the film through my agent, after wrapping production for After Earth, starring Will and Jaden Smith, as my cousin was Jaden’s photo double. Several days after wrapping in Utah, my agent had an audition for me. So I went to audition, and a week later I booked the role. I was on set for five weeks. I, basically, came from After Earth for four months and then jumped right into another production for five weeks.

Learn how the film THE STREAM benefits Boys and Girls Clubs:

TTN:   You mentioned you were the on-set guardian of Jaden’s photo double in Will Smith’s film After Earth, that must have been quite an experience. Has acting always been something you and your cousin have had in common?

LOUIS: No, it was Darien’s very first gig. I initially auditioned for a role in the film and decided to submit my cousin to the casting director as well. Then, Darien booked the role as Jaden’s double in the film. So, as his on-set Guardian, we traveled to Costa Rica, Philadelphia, Utah and California for four months. So, my career went on hiatus. It was just an amazing opportunity to be on the other side and to watch the professionals do what they do best.

Louis Jaden and cousin

Louis Stancil, Jaden Smith and Darien Seaberry (cousin)

TTN: Was it different to film in a place like Pennsylvania?

LOUIS: No, I’m familiar with the state of Pennsylvania as the feature After Earth filmed in Philadelphia for two months, so we became very familiar with the state. Then, The Stream happened to film in the state of PA for 2 and half months. It was cool to be in the city of brotherly love… haha!

TTN:  What was it like working with the teens to make the movie?

LOUIS:  It was awesome! I’m young myself, and being on set with young teens/kids created this positive energy all around. The teens/kids were very hands on. It was very cool to come straight from a big production like After Earth to The Stream; Seeing that The Stream crew members were actually Boys and Girls Clubs of America members.  I have to be honest, when I first walked on set, I wasn’t expecting a lot of teens to be our crew members. So, it was interesting to watch them come to production and be hands on.  The B&G Clubs would switch out different members every week from different areas, like California, Chicago, New York, Philly, New Jersey and more.  They came in and trained for a week, and they got to work with professional actors such as Rainn Wilson, Mario Lopez, Kelly Rutherford, Chris Gorham, and upcoming artists like myself. It was very, very humbling just to see the kids being exposed to the arts.  

The Stream Cast

Louis Stancil, Rainn Wilson, Mario Lopez and the cast of “The Stream”

TTN:  How would you compare the making of this film to others you’ve been involved in?

LOUIS:  This one, by far, was the best project that I’ve been involved in because of the cause behind it. It was a movie that was made by the teens for the teens, to benefit the teens. All for a great cause. It impacted me because 80% of the film proceeds went back to B&G Clubs of America. Being involved in this cause alone was awesome!!!

TTN:  What was your favorite part of working on this film?

LOUIS: My favorite part was working with the Boys and Girls Clubs members from different area each week, for sure! Each club had good energy, and they wanted to work every day. I will leave with great memories from this film!

TTN:  Speaking of memories, what do you think was one of the best memories you have from that film?

LOUIS:  Too many to name, LOL… But overall as a film, it’s seeing the B&G Club members physically being exposed to the Arts. The kids/teens were up close and personal with the film making process. By, being an editor on the film, a director of photography, working on audio to makeup!

TTN:  Would you be interested in doing a project similar to The Stream again?

LOUIS:  I would, hands down, because of the cause behind it! So, I would work with Dreaming Tree Foundation or another production company having a great impact in the world!

Louis Stancil red carpet

Louis Stancil (Globe-Photos)

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