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Meet Heart of Art Finalist, Jenny Rawson.  Jenny Rawson, mezzo-soprano, has a bachelor of music in Music Theory and a Master of Music in Vocal Performance from the University of Georgia. Her conducting career has included positions at North Springs High School which is a performing arts magnet school and the Kennesaw Mountain High School Choral Program. For 18 years, Ms. Rawson has conducted the Greater Atlanta Girls Choir, a premier girls choir in North Georgia, which has toured throughout the United States and Europe under her direction, performing in Italy, Spain, Canada, Washington, D. C., San Diego, Boston, San Francisco, The Governor’s mansion and the Biltmore Estate. Ms. Rawson has been a member and frequent soloist with the Atlanta Singers and has had past positions with the Atlanta Symphony Chamber Chorus, and The Robert Shaw Singers under the direction of Robert Shaw. Her enthusiasm is contagious and her high energy, animation and creativity combine to make GAGC a fun, as well as educational experience for all the girls.

Read Jenny’s nomination:

Jenny has been the most influential person in my development as an artist. She is the artistic director of the Greater Atlanta Girls’ Choir (formerly the Georgia Regional Girls’ Choir), and conducts the high school tour choir. She was my private instructor for two years, and helped me earn a scholarship to the University of Georgia for Music Performance. Jenny has an infectious love of music, and she shares it everywhere she goes. She inspires those around her to be better musicians, both theoretically and in performance. I think, actually, that her devotion to the study of music theory is one of her greatest assets; she makes theory accessible and fun! She began at UGA as a Piano Performance major, then switched to Vocal Performance and Theory. She is still a talented pianist, and loves to attempt difficult pieces for fun! She has taught at the Performing Arts Magnet in Atlanta, as well as directed numerous choirs in the greater Atlanta area. She has sung with the Atlanta Singers, the Michael O’Neal Singers, and many other ensembles. Outside of music, she’s a mother of three and an avid advocate of group fitness. She is actually a group fitness instructor, and she inspires others to reach their fitness goals and potential just as she inspires musicians. She has seen me through my highest and lowest points in life, and has always been a great support and role model. She is humble, kind, extremely funny, and loves everyone. She inspires me to be a better daughter, a better student, a better musician, a better person. The expression and energy she exudes when she is conducting is the absolute embodiment of music. She connects with her choir on the deepest, most primordial level, and draws out incredible sounds. When she is conducting, she is the centerpiece that brings the audience and the musicians together in laughter and tears; she holds them in one moment in time that holds everything important, and can never be like any other. I believe that those moments are the Heart of Art, and I can think of no one more deserving of this recognition.



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Heart of Art Finalist: Jenny Rawson — 8 Comments

  1. Jenny has been my voice coach for almost nine years – I am approaching my 85th birthday! I had a life long yearning to do choral music and with Jenny’s training, ability, and constant encouragement I am now proudly a member of the PrimeTime Singers and the Summer Singers at Roswell UMC. Jenny is so wonderful in her approach to Choral Music. She deserves this honor!

  2. Jenny is my fitness instructor and the classes she teaches are full of music, joy and fun facts. Once when we lost electricity, Jenny sang the songs acappella (while instructing … trust me – no easy feat) so we could finish class. Music is weaved into the fabric of Jenny’s being, her enthusiasm grabs your spirit, and anyway, as Jenny has pointed out many times, singing while exercising burns extra calories!

  3. Jenny has led sectionals for the alto section of Roswell United Methodist Church Sanctuary Choir. She just has a way of directing that makes us “get it”! Her enthusiasm and talents are so appreciated by all of us. She directs the choir in Michael O’Neal’s absence and what a blessing she has been to all of us. She deserves this award. Her spirit and dedication as well as her amazing voice are all gifts from God and we all appreciate what she brings to our wonderful choir.

  4. Jenny sang in the Robert Shaw Chorale and the Robert Shaw Chamber Singers and was greatly inspired by Shaw. She is helping to pass on his legacy in Atlanta.

  5. Ms. Rawson taught me SO much over the short two years (2004-2005) I had the joy of calling her my choral director. The enthusiasm she has about music, family, people, and life in general is unreal in the best way possible. It’s something I aspire to and carry with me forever. I ALWAYS looked forward to Tuesday afternoon GAGC chorus rehearsals because her excitement made things fun: Who can forget her accents? My parents, who aren’t exactly crazy about choral music, loved coming to GAGC performances because they thought she was a “hoot,” and the music was both fun and sounded great (thanks to our awesome director). She fully deserves this award, and I feel blessed by her gift!

  6. Jenny is a phenomenal musician and vibrant leader–she gets terrific results few are capable of. I think she can solve problems in rehearsal as quickly and efficiently as anyone I’ve seen.

  7. Mrs. Rawson is the life of the Greater Atlanta Girls Choir, rehearsal is always fun but productive. There is no other choir quite like it, and there is no other place I would be every Thursday night.

  8. I had the everyday distinction of watching this musical talent blossom – her earliest career audience was under 30 movie theater attendees who watched and encouraged her singing and dancing her way through her introduction to Mary Poppins. She was an incredible scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz in high school in an inspired cast. She blasted past me in piano and understood theory before she knew she would major in it in college. Her Dad and I turned to each other in the UGA auditorium after her last of several freshman year solos – “Black Coffee” – and simultaneously “wow!”ed. We’ve been attending concerts for years and it is rare for us to leave dry-eyed. We know a lot of back stories and it is not only Jenny’s heart for music but her heart for people that is truly inspirational. A great privilege (in addition to being her Mom and grandmother to her children) was being conducted by her for many of her “stints” guest conducting the Cherokee Chorale; she makes you believe you can do things you never thought your voice could do and somehow helps you make the connection between the music and your heart. Not without bias – VOTE FOR JENNY!!!!!

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