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Juliana V Photography


With influences from artists like Dave Matthews Band, John Legend, Sam Cooke, Anthony Hamilton, Richie Havens and Jason Mraz, Chris really spells diversity. Coming off his debut album “Words” and follow up live acoustic album “So’fully Yours” Chris spent the summer of 2010, writing and recording and heavily touring across the east coast as well as opening shows for new friend Kris Allen (American Idol 8).  Chris Nathan has also just been added to the roster of Hype Music – MTV and Extreme’s new hybrid label for Film and Television.  Chris just signed a new publishing deal with Indie publisher Watsky Music.

TTN:  Chris, what elements do you really value in a good song – how do you know when you’ve got one? Do you know right away?


Chris:  The lyric needs to be authentic. Whether or not you lived it, you at least needed to be around someone who has experienced a certain situation to be honest in a song. It takes time for me to figure out if I’ve “got one”. i enjoy living with a song for a little bit and letting it grow. It starts as my baby and grows into an adult that i can be proud of.

TTN:   It seems you’re really inclined to soul and R&B! Did it take a long time to discover your sound or did you go through stages??


Chris:  It definitely has gone through stages. I was a frontman in an Alternative Band from my hometown Buffalo NY, “Woke Up in Vegas” We were geared more toward an Incubus meets Sunny Day Real Estate vibe both bands i really adore. Since then I’ve learned who I am as an artist and human being. I paint life with one brush and carry that through to my music. That’s what soul is to me, and thats what i relay into the music. I grew up on old Blues , R&B , and Americana so i guess I kinda mix all that into one.

Chris Robertson Photography

Chris Robertson Photography

TTN:  Zeppelin or Floyd?

Chris:  Tough question, it depends on what mood I’m in. I normally would turn on Zeppelin over Floyd, but Floyd has really grown on me over the years. Their songs really have patience, where Zeppelin likes to be in your face letting you know they can rock.

TTN:  How do you see yourself as a performer with an act, or do you go up there and say “This is what I’m about”? In other words, are onstage and offstage totally different for you or is on-stage you an extension of you or your musical persona?


Chris:  I live within my music, I feel that the only way to be honest with myself is to be honest with my music. So in a way, yes, This is what I’m about is a good way to describe it. I really enjoy being real with my audience.

TTN:  The song ‘Sugarcane’ is really soulful and playful…How would you describe your vibe overall?


Chris:  Just that, soulful. I am passionate, I am playful. I tend to enjoy being the life of the party. And thank you for noticing that.

TTN:  Would you rather make the audience cry or make them dance?


Chris:  I think it’d be quite the doozy to have the audience dancing and crying at the same time. You might see me make a funny face at you too, so you might laugh cry and dance all at once. Sounds like a room full of bi-polar disorder.  Either way, I hope it’s a positive experience. :)

Chris Robertson Photography

Chris Robertson Photography

TTN:  What’s on the horizon for you Chris?

Chris:  I am currently making a new album, and am album that is three years in the making. These are very passionate songs that have been written over this span of time, that i really take pride in, and cannot wait to release. The album should be finished by May 1st.

 I also am booking, completely on my own, a 40 night summer tour across the east coast and some of the midwest. This tour will be mostly me acoustic, however, a few select shows I will have a full band. Including Buffalo NY, Nashville, TN and St.Pete, FL.
I also have a great partnership with a non for profit organization, Operation Coexist. Operation Coexist is founded by Katie Talbert, who helps raise awareness and funding for at risk youth, all through the power of music.
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Vibe Digital Media

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Interview for The Talent Notes, by Jon Irion

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