Akiane Kramarik: Child Prodigy Artist


Artist Akiane Kramarik

Akiane Kramarik

According to her website, Akiane Kramarik is an internationally recognized prodigy, and is considered the youngest binary genius in both realism art and poetry. Akiane has been featured in over 100 international television shows and documentaries. She is the best-selling author of two books “Akiane: her life, her art, her poetry” and Akiane: My Dream is Bigger Than I. Akiane has original masterpieces that sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, making Akiane the most successful living visual child art prodigy of the world.

Akiane has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Katie Couric Show, Peter Jennings World News Tonight, Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer and many others. Akiane began her earliest sketches at an impressive age of four years old, and we think you will agree her art far surpasses her age, even now, at 19. We are pleased to present our interview with Akiane Kramarik:

TTN:  Akiane, I’ve read that you work every day. Is the creative process something you feel you work at, or does inspiration come to you on a regular basis?
AKIANE:  To me inspiration is like finding Waldo, you end up finding other objects before you find Waldo, the main character.
There is always an opportunity for endless inspiration on the canvas, but sometimes I have to get through 3 or 4 layers in order to finally find my polished idea.
"Young Sage" painted at age 15 by Akiane Kramarik www.akiane.com

“Young Sage” painted at age 15 by Akiane Kramarik

TTN:   Where do you find inspiration?
AKIANE:  Inspiration always waits for me anywhere and anytime. I am the type of person who accumulates all kinds of experiences whether be it opinions, conversations, burdens and/or visions, and then later I depict them through my art and writings.
TTN:  Walk us through a typical day of work for you.
AKIANE:  I wake up at 3 in the morning, paint for 4-5 hours, jog, then plunge into my hobbies, whether it is studying, writing, music, animation or poetry.
I then brainstorm and develop new ideas for my future projects and endeavors.
Afterward, I tutor my two younger brothers. (which takes me longer than anything else, but I love it.)
"Unveiled" by Akiane Kramarik

“Unveiled” by Akiane Kramarik

TTN:  What have you seen, or do you see as your biggest personal challenge as an artist?
AKIANE:  The biggest challenge I face is not having enough hours in the day!
TTN:   You have also begun writing poetry, can you talk about some of your artistic endeavors outside of painting and how those came about?
Yes, I began writing at age seven, published my first poetry/art book at ten, and my second poetry book at twelve.
I am broadening my artistic range whether it is in sculpting, animation, photography or mixed media. Since I challenge myself with different art styles, the results usually lead to the completion of my paintings.
Akiane hard at work.

Akiane hard at work

TTN:  How do you define art?
AKIANE:  Art mimics our true soul. It is a physical form that invites viewers into their personal space, letting them experience immaturity, pureness, courage, kindness, obscurity, challenges and love.
"Migration" by Akiane Kramarik

“Migration” by Akiane Kramarik

TTN:  What source or sources of strength can you share with struggling young artists?
AKIANE:  Patience is something you cannot buy. Patience is something you earn. No matter how good an artist is he/she will always at some point come across a hurdle.
The key is to critique your work as if you are someone else viewing it for the first time. You must place all emotions aside and create for yourself a different perspective, as if to become another person. This is the best way to see outside the box, so you can see your mistakes and turn them onto something magnificent.
"A.I." by Akiane Kramarik

“A.I.” by Akiane Kramarik

TTN:  You have accomplished so much as an artist at such a young age, what do you feel the next ten years will hold for you?
AKIANE:  The next ten years will be expanding my spectrum as an artist and creating an Art Academius which will allow students to participate in the arts, develop their talents, think beyond expectations, rules and theories.

Vist Akiane’s website for information and to purchase her works!



Akiane Kramarik: Child Prodigy Artist — 25 Comments

  1. Akiane, you always inspire me so much. When I look at your art, your poetry or even your smiling face I am filled with light and joy which radiates throughout my spirit. I feel God is working in you and has given you a pure eye and hand to capture his creation and share it anew with his children through your art. I pray that you enjoy every moment of your life and let that peace filter through into your work. Never let anyone take away that innocence that shines through your paintings and poetry <3

  2. My dear Akiane, you’re an inspiration for everybody specially children and new generations. Thank’s for building a better world!

  3. I’ve been following your inspiring DEVINE work since you were 9. As I’ve stated before “it’s your use of light / color that leaves me astounded “ In my opinion No one has ever achieved what you have in that respect! As for your writings in relation to your descriptive Poetry of your Art Creations. For me they are precisely descriptive of how I interpreted your art work. So well done & put together! BRAVO X 7!!!!!!!

    However I have not read any of your recent Poetry in relation to your recent art creations. I’m anxious to read this when you have written them,. Or have you? Will you share them?

    I find myself at odds with were & how your recent art work has come from. It’s not speaking to me like your earlier work YET? Don’t take that as criticism because it’s not. Just food for thought. You still create live like lighted beauty in your newer work in my opinion your talent / gift is still one in 8-9 billion or so. Oh yes one of a kind you are – chosen if you will.
    So with that being said

    Looking forward to the future and how you mature and in your progression towards communicating your visions for the world in reference to your Graced calling“~~ I Thank you “Akiane Kramarik ” for your benevolence towards speaking through your visual creations, while lending insight in the way of a direction for a better world. Please don’t ever let that go ~~“ Speak Akiane speak `~` even a whisper will be heard

    Delio Carrera, Jr
    PS; I fear maybe I have a blind eye? Most like I need to see a larger photo of your newer work to see what you have hidden in them for us to discover? Like in your previous works.
    Is there a gallery one may visit in order to see your works up close?

  4. Siouxlanders can view some of Akiane’s earlier works in the Religious Museum East of
    I-29: somewhere out of Mondamin. It’s an interesting place to visit, but I was most taken by the fact that she was raised in a non-Christian home. So, her inspiration came directly to her from God!
    I’m so thankful to see that she is still painting and creating God’s awesome ideas!

  5. I’m a little confused. I heard you were given all these heavenly visions when you were young, but yet I never hear you mention The Lord. I have spent time reading about you, but I never hear you talk about your faith or sharing it with others. Are you a Christian? Just curious.

  6. Laurie, I agree with you on her not mentioning The Lord anymore. Her biggest paintings are worth 3 million. I don’t know. Is that really what God wants her to charge? Seriously? I think her talent and fame has gone to her and her families heads. She surely is talented! But I think its rediculous that they call her a genius. She got the gift from God and it’s not her its Gods work. Sure I would love to make millions on my own art. I think she is using her gift for the wrong reasons.

    • I agree on some aspect. I don’t understand why she would charge so much for her “gift of love to the world”. I personally live in a lower income based life. I am married and have three children. I am a full time student and my husband works full time in a factory,making not much more than minimum wage. I personally could never afford one of her paintings,tho there are many I’d LOVE to have. I’ve always heard that “money is the root of all evil”…but don’t we all wish and hope,and sometimes even pray,to have at least enough to live a comfortable life? I know I do/have. I long for a day when I don’t ha e to worry about making rent,and how I’m going to pay the utilities AND keep food on the table. I think it’s wonderful that she is so talented,I just don’t understand how someone could have experienced what she did,and not stay humble. I’m not judging her,I’m just not understanding I guess. I personally would give them away but request donations for supplies and time. Her talent is a blessing,and blessings are free,correct?

  7. I think you are brilliant, Akiane! I have a calendar of your work featuring the Prince of Peace. Your inspiration obviously comes from God. But, I’m confused about your faith. In your latest interview, you stated that you tried different religions: Christianity, Catholicism and Buddhism. Yet, you couldn’t find the right one. However, you have so many paintings depicting The Christ. How could you meet God and still be confused as to what is the right way to heaven? It’s confusing to me, a Christian, who believes the only way to God is to believe in Christ and to believe in his book the Bible. Please explain, so I’m not confused. If Christ is the only way to get to heaven, don’t you want to urge people to believe in him as the Son of God and Savior?

    I hope I don’t sound like a religious nut. But, I’ve supported you since I found out about you, which has been a few years, and telling people about you. I don’t want to promote you and your art pieces if you are falling away from biblical truth.

    • This is Laurie, I left a previous comment up above. You know The Lord says you cannot serve 2 masters. I think Akiane has obviously chosen money over The Lord. That’s what fame does to people. They start out meaning well then the spirit of greed takes over. How can she not be praising God and thanking Him constantly? She never even mentions Him.

      • Hi Laurie. I don’t know if you’ve subscribed to Akiane’s facebook page, but she just put up her statement of faith. And in it she proclaims that Jesus is the One and only way to God. So proud of her! As for what she does with her money, it’s really no place for me to judge. However, if you’ve been following her she donates some of it to end child poverty and to other good causes. Once again, God has blessed her with talent and with the talent comes recognition, fame, and money. But regardless of all that, she seems to be a very humble, sincere, sweet, and beautiful person. Hope you have a great day!

  8. Dear Akiane, I’ve been incredibly moved by your work & your childlike heart! I appreciate that you are holding tight to spirituality as opposed to religion & that you are allowing yourself to be divinely inspired only. I see the religious trying to knock you with assorted comments about using your gifts unwisely or being coersed by the trappings of money , but it is a passed down religious false belief that we should be poor or an attempt to control your directions… I trust in God that you are & will be totally directed through your pure heart on what to do with money.. I look forward to hearing about your art colleges or whatever for example- they’ll be incredibly orchestrated from God I’m sure.
    I hope to emulate your example in my own work by seeking God’s inspiration before I start a design or paint etc. Look only to your heart!
    Thank you for being such an instrument!

  9. In Unveiled the image of the male looks like my son – coincidentally he has a tattoo on his arm and it looks like you – it also has smoke or veiling – it gets even more strange because your painting, supreme sanctuary – he saw in a dream many years ago …

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