The Second Annual Heart of Art Award




It’s time again for our Annual Heart of Art Award! Last year was an overwhelming success with so many votes coming in for supporters of the arts and talent. We look forward to listing the finalists for this year’s award, so get those nominations in!  Read on…


Who should I nominate?

Do you know someone who has made a significant contribution to the arts? How about someone who has influenced or impacted you on a personal level? We, at The Talent Notes, would like to recognize them with our Second annual Heart of Art Award. The Heart of Art Award, aims to recognize an individual who has made a difference in the world of the arts; someone who has given their time, talents, effort or knowledge to the cause. This can be a coach, family member, teacher, director, or even someone who has no training whatsoever! If you know someone like this, we want to hear from you!

How do I nominate someone?

Nominations will be accepted by email at Please submit a short paragraph including the nominee’s full name and contact information, and what you believe qualifies them to be recognized as the “Heart of Art.” You can include organizations they belong to, causes they have supported, outstanding characteristics they possess, or anything else you can think of! The “Heart of Art” is someone who is centrifugal to the arts, as the heart is to the body. We are looking for the most outstanding, well-rounded ambassador of the arts you know, so give it some thought!

What happens next?

When the submissions have been considered, the finalists’ profiles will be posted on our website ( The winner will be decided by vote, so get your friends and family to support your favorite nominee!  The finalist with the greatest number of votes will be recognized as the winner of The 2014 Heart of Art Award. Once chosen, the recipient will be presented with the above trophy, and a full interview with this year’s “Heart of Art” will be posted on The Talent Notes site. Nominating someone to be the “Heart of Art” is a wonderful way to thank them for all they have done. There are so many people to be thankful for–so get to writing and nominate your favorite today!

Last day to nominate is Saturday, November 1st


Jenny B. Rawson,  last year’s winner of the “Heart of Art” award

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