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Bob Devin Jones


 Bob Devin Jones has been working hard since 2002 to make Saint Petersburg, Florida a brighter place for the arts as co-founder and Artistic Director of the Studio@620. With his artistic eye and panache for talent he has been scoping out the nascent artistic scene of the Tampa Bay Area for the for the benefit of any who know about the studio and its productions.

He envisions the studio as a breeding ground for creativity, and a meeting place for local artists, though productions aren’t limited to local talent. The Studio@620’s motto  “The answer is always yes!” describes the openness of the studio’s approach. Anyone who has the desire to get their work out there and be seen or heard, will find a platform, a network and support at the Studio@620. Serving as a multi-purpose space the studio has seen countless plays, dance performances, concerts, galas, lectures, awareness and community events, open musical collaborations and poetry readings.

In a town that is just starting to rise to its potential, and encapsulate the burgeoning artistic voice of the Tampa Bay Area, Bob Devin Jones and the Studio@620 is there to make sure every artist has a stage.

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