Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett – Heart of Art Finalist


Daniel Lir & Bayou Bennett — Husband and Wife Director Team


Meet Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett. They are a husband and wife director team who own Dolce Films, at Dolcefilms.com. Daniel and Bayou dedicate themselves to furthering other artists and help to teach the art of filmmaking to young artists.

 In addition, they have created numerous documentaries that bring certain unseen groups into the spotlight. For example, they worked on the following music video project, that is slated to bring funds to those on skid row:


You can see more about the directing work of Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett here:


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Daniel Lir and Bayou Bennett – Heart of Art Finalist — 3 Comments

  1. We are dedicated to helping artist succeed all over the world! This is why:
    Why do we work so hard to encourage and help other artists?
    Well, how do you feel when you’ve had a bad day and you watch an innovative and refreshing music video on Youtube? Or how do you feel when had a fight with a loved one and you hear a song that just communicates exactly what your going through and you feel so much better? How do you feel when you had the most stressful day and you see a dance performance and you can’t have imagined more grace and beauty? You get off the couch and feel alive again, want to experience again and are just Inspired! Images and possibilities race through your head and life becomes so special.

    We enjoy helping Artists because the world becomes a better place with their creations. It becomes the life we all want to have and experience with their unique, powerful and uplifting creations.
    thank you!
    Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir

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