Have A Concert in Your Home!

© Tamara Hughbanks | Dreamstime.com

© Tamara Hughbanks | Dreamstime.com


Everyone loves the idea of attending a great concert. Now you don’t have to go any further than your own living room to enjoy some incredibly talented artists, all thanks to an organization called Concerts In Your Home. Concerts In Your Home was started in 2006, as a resource to connect musicians to home venues. The founder, Fran Snyder, relates the website to a modern e-harmony for musicians and venues. If you are a musician, you might be interested in submitting to the website (for a yearly fee), and start your own living room tour! For music lovers who might enjoy the idea of something different, you can become a host of your own concert! You choose the artist you would like to host, create the own home concert atmosphere that best suits you, and guests…and stir!

The Talent Notes recently attended a performance of a house concert that was hosted via Concerts In Your Home. The crowd was congenial, the food and beverage was great, and every seat was basically a front row! In addition, there is ample time to meet and greet with the artist…something you’d pay top dollar to do at your neighborhood venue.

This is today, this is music performance as it is meant to be…in your own home!


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