Heart of Art Finalists for 2015



Our Finalists Are Revealed

Congratulations to our finalists for the Third Annual Heart of Art Award.  The Talent Notes is proud to present finalists who each embody the heart of art in their own way! The finalists are:  Jared O’Roark, Simone Sello. The winner of this year’s Heart of Art Award will be chosen by the vote of our readers!

Vote For Your Choice

Now it is time for voting for the finalist that you feel most embodies the characteristics of the Heart of Art Award. Remember that this award aims to recognize those who have made a difference in the world of the arts; those who have given their time, talents, efforts and knowledge to the cause.

The Winner Receives

The Winner will be awarded our  beautiful  Heart of Art Award trophy, and will be featured in a full-length personal interview with The Talent Notes!

How to Vote

Click on the names below to read the profile of each finalist. At the bottom of the page you will see instructions on how to vote, it’s as simple as sending an email!


Heart of Art Award finalist JARED O’ROARK

Simone Sello

Heart of Art Award finalist SIMONE SELLO


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