Now I’ve done it! I’ve stuck my toe into the blogosphere! Now that I’m here, I find myself perched on the edge of cyberspace ready to dive in head first. I’ve landed here because I’m a self-appointed talentologist–my word, of course. ┬áTo me it means that I love finding out what makes for talent, what makes talent great, how that talent gets relayed to others and what makes for fulfillment and success. With all that in mind I’ve decided to put my thoughts to good use.

What makes me think I’m uniquely qualified to write a talent blog? The short answer is, I’m not. The long answer is, that I have for as long as I can remember, had a passion for working with talent. As a child I corralled all the neighborhood kids into giving elaborate talent shows. I spent years in dance, dabbled in choreography, and finally settled on a passion for music. As an adult I’ve earned two degrees in music education and taught and coached students from kindergarten to college. I’ve published articles about talent and advised friends and strangers on the performance world. I have spent four years in Los Angeles with my own child learning the ropes of being a professional actor and musician. I am now blessed to have two very talented adult children, both of whom are performing artists. I’ve had a bit of experience, and if I can’t find the answers I can usually find someone who can.

It seems there’s an incredible amount of trial and error and outright misinformation along the way, and very little out there to help people navigate their way around the talent world. I see a need for information and a place to connect to those who have that information. I have also been touched and humbled by the eagerness of the talented people I have met along the way to share their knowledge and experience with others. It is in this spirit of sharing that I have created this resource.

So, what can you expect to find here? Look for articles shared by myself and others, that will offer information, inspiration, unique perspectives, tips and amusing anecdotes with you. And, because I firmly believe in supporting talent, I will also be spotlighting talent. If you know a talent success who deserves to be spotlighted, have an idea or would just like to contact me, feel free to do so at thetalentnotes@gmail.com.

So, welcome! Come on in…it’s time to connect, to share, to learn and per chance, to be inspired!

L. Davonne Irion

My daughter and I during our time in Los Angeles.  Photo Credit: Christina Sanchez Photography

My daughter and I during our time in Los Angeles.
Photo Credit: Christina Sanchez Photography